Bulk refills (100 boxes) (GL-BULK100)


100 boxes of 2×5 litres of Crestanol

Each dispenser delivers about 8ml of sanitiser per use. A visit will use 1-4 dispenses. 100 visits will therefore use between 1 and 3.2 litres. Taking the average of 2.5 l per 100 visits, each 5 l tub lasts for 200 visits.

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Bulk refills of Crestanol hand sanitiser.

100 boxes of 2 x 5l

  • Easy-pour >65% alcohol sanitiser gel
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Certified to BS EN:1276, BS EN:1500 and ASTM 2E315
  • In stock and dispatched from a UK factory

Our premium >65% alcohol sanitiser gel is the perfect solution to ensure better hygiene and encourage hand sanitation to help prevent the spreading of virus and bacteria. The high-quality, non-sticky formula is soft on the hands and works in any dispenser (other than foaming). Simply apply a small amount to the hands and rub in until it dissolves.

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